The project is organised into 8 separate Work Packages (WPs) each including several tasks concentrating on specific topics relevant to the WP. WP1-WP6 reflect the primary goals and motivations of MYWAY while WP7-WP8 cover the standard project dissemination, exploitation and management activities.


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WP1 Mobility Behaviour

The goal of this work package is to provide the overall design framework for the project, elaborating target scenarios, defining core functionalities, defining metrics for validating MYWAY, and investigating how passenger behaviour can be influenced. Citizens and other stakeholders will be involved in a participatory design process to inform and elaborate usage scenarios and use cases. This work package will expand the work already done in other EU projects, most noticeably FP7 project SUPERHUB.

WP2 Reference Design & Architecture

The goal of this work package is to define an integrated technical specification for the full MyWay platform, focusing on the platform’s envisioned core capabilities of discovering, selecting and managing a full range of mobility resources and seamlessly utilising them within the context of multi-modal journey planning. In order to support diverse deployment scenarios (differing in the size, population, available transport modes as well as other specific circumstances as weather profile, cultural differences, etc), the platform architecture will follow state-of-art architecture patterns and styles promoting extensibility, scalability, openness, ease of maintenance and evolvability with respect to future changes in requirements and underlying and surrounding technologies. From the very inception, the architecture will be designed in a way fully supporting the specific requirements of the envisioned MyWay Living Labs deployments.
The work package will work on:

The outputs of the work package will provide each partner with a clear definition of MyWay’s solution approach, structure and schedule and will inform the subsequent development and deployment efforts in WP3, WP4 and WP5. The architecture and design specifications will include API specifications, protocols, structural and behavioral diagrams, logical data models and data formats.
Approach: Based on the output of WP1, the initial architecture of the overall system will be produced in terms of its main components and their interfaces, thus allowing simultaneous development of all system components in WP3. Based on the feedback from WP3 and WP4, the initial architecture will be iteratively improved in order to provide the optimum trade-off between

WP3 Implementation

The objective of this WP is the implementation of the architecture and platform defined in WP2 in order to answer the requirements and specifications coming from WP1 and WP4. Among others, it should include feature such as

To do this, several tasks have been defined trying to build specific aspects of this architecture, building them from a vertical point of view.

WP4 Living Labs Setup

The goal of this Workpackage is to implement three living labs for mobility that:

Specific objectives include:

The above objectives are shared by the three living labs:

WP5 Living Labs Execution

The goal of this Workpackage is to execute the three Living labs to demonstrate the technical feasibility and advantages of the approach of MyWay.
Specific objectives include:

The above objectives are shared by the three living labs.

WP6 Evaluation, Governance & Business Models

The objectives of this WP are to:

WP7 Awareness & Dissemination

WP 7 “Awareness and dissemination” will communicate the MYWAY objectives and results to a wide range of target groups, making use of a set of target-group adapted and tailor-made communication tools. The overall aim is to promote the MYWAY platform to a wider group of local / regional authorities, and to highlight its functionalities and potential for enhanced mobility information and planning services. WP7 will work on two main avenues: European/project communication and dissemination and national and local promotion of the scheme within the respective test sites. Dissemination approaches, target groups and communication tools will be described in detail in the MYWAY Communication and Dissemination Strategy that will be developed at the beginning of the project.

WP8 Project Management

The main objective of this work package is to ensure performance of the administrative management, theachievement of the project results through administrative coordination as well as to provide timely and efficient organisational and financial coordination meeting contractual commitments.
The management of the project work comprises the following main activities: