Expected Results

MyWay is expected to boost the travellers’ usage of greener mobility services by enabling the consideration of all available resources, both public and private, and their appropriate allocation to journey plans, thus enhancing the attractiveness, comfort and efficiency of the transport networks and minimising the GHG emissions as users will be stimulated to switch to more sustainable mobility choices and behaviour.

Concrete project success indicators for MyWay are:

  1. At least 5% improvement in mean journey times.

  2. 10% shift in travel choice from private modes (cars/motorbikes) to collective (public transport) and flexible modes (flexible transport, shared e-scooters, bikes).

  3. 5% congestion reduction.


Softeco Sismat SrL
Via De Marini, 1 - WTC Tower
16149 Genoa

  T: +39 010 6026 -329/-1



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