MyWay partners will take every opportunity to participate in international conferences, workshops and other events in order to disseminate project developments and achievements. In this section the performed presentations will be available for download.

Multimodal Journey Planners: Solving the mobility puzzle

Cristina Pou

Presentation (PDF), Civitas Forum 2015,Liubilana, Ljubljana, October 2015

Persuasive technology and voluntary behaviour change in urban transport

Kate Pangbourne and Judith Masthoff

Poster (PDF) "Transport Geography Workshop: Research into Policy and Practice", a event organised by the Transport Geography Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society with IBG in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (South West Branch) and Devon County Council with sponsorship from Stagecoach South West.

Holistic information + Smartphone = more sustainable travel practices? The MyWay approach

Kate Pangbourne, David Quesada, José Fernández, Michal Jakob, Judith Masthoff, Stefano Persi and Marco Boero

Presentation (PDF), Scottish Transport Applications and Research conference, Glasgow, UK, May 2015

The message is the medium – influencing travel behaviour change using persuasive technologies

Kate Pangbourne and Judith Masthoff

Presentation (PDF), UTSG Annual Conference, City University, London, January 2015

MyWay Project: European Smart Mobility Resource Manager

Christina Pou

Presentation (PDF), Annual Polis Conference, Madrid, Spain, November 2014

MyWay - European Mobility Resource Manager

Stefano Persi

Presentation (PDF),  Smart City Expo World 2014 congress. Barcelona, November 2014

Can we use cyberspace to fix spatial and temporal problems in urban transport?

Kate Pangbourne and Judith Masthoff

Presentation (PDF), RGS-IBG Annual Conference, Kensington, London, August 2014

Can we use cyberspace to fix spatial and temporal problems in urban transport?

Kate Pangbourne and Judith Masthoff

Poster presentation (PDF), Knowledge Exchange event to the UK Department for Transport, August 2014

Designing an evidence-based user-centric approach to influence mobility behaviour change

Kate Pangbourne

Presentation (PDF),  Workshop on Smart Urban Transport Policy Futures II, University of Greenwich, July 2014



1. Introduction

"Address and welcome from the host"
Mr. Pere Padrosa, General Director of Transports and Mobility, Generalitat de Catalunya

"Project Outline & Core Themes"
Marco Boero, Head of Research & Innovation Softeco Sismat S.r.l.

"MyWay Vision"
Stefano Persi, Co-founder and Director ENIDE

2. Morning Session: Multimodal travel information, planning & support services

"Multimodal travelling support services: the ITS perspective"
Julio García Ramon, Vice-President, ITS Spain

"A national perspective: Ireland experience"
Peter Cranny, Senior Transport Planner, National Transport Authority of Ireland

"From metropolitan to national perspective: Vienna Region experience"
Alexander Froeschter, Topic Coordinator Technologies & Standards, Mobility Systems & ITS Deployment, AustriaTech GmbH

"Industry perspective: the role of complementary mobility schemes"
Ignasi Fàbregas, General Manager, Avancar BCN

"Personalised multimodal travel information services: policy perspectives"
Daniela Stoycheva, Project Manager, POLIS

3. Afternoon Sessions (parallel)

Sessions 1: Personalised multimodal mobility services: technical view and solutions

"Service personalisation in MyWay"
Marco Garré, MyWay Technical Coordinator, Softeco Sismat S.r.l.

"Intermodal trip composition: the MyWay meta-planning approach"
Michal Jakob, Deputy Head, Artificial Intelligence Center Czech Technical University

"Systematic data acquisition and proactive external service monitoring"
Daniel Becker, Researcher, Fraunhofer FOKUS

"Interaction with the vehicle and navigation services: interests and expectations from the industry"
Andy Marchant, Product Line Manager Urban Maps, Tom Tom

Session 2: Personalised multimodal mobility services: from Living Labs to market solutions

"Multimodal mobility in Barcelona Metropolitan Region: current view and perspectives"
Lluís Alegre, Technical Director, ATM

"Lessons learnt from MyWay Living Labs"
Theodoros Theodoropoulos, Associate Researcher, ICCS

"Service personalisation and Voluntary Behaviour Change"
Kate Pangbourne, Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen

"Private & Public mobility: a single marketplace"
Stefano Persi, Co-founder and Director, ENIDE

4. Closing Session:

"Closing summary"
Marco Boero, Head of Research & Innovation, Softeco Sismat S.r.l.



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