The MyWay basic objectives are to:

Enable a better balance between mobility offers by facilitating the seamless integration of public transport and other sustainable public and private transport modes in users’ personal mobility choices.

Stimulate service cooperation and market development by providing tools and technical solutions for transport service providers and operators to help improve service offer, interoperability and acessibility in the overall multimodal service chain.
Enhancing the personalisation and user adaptation of mobility services by increasing the cooperation between users and the transport system through incorporating user experiences, social networking and crowd sourcing in service planning and use.
Foster ICT transformative technologies in smart mobility by providing and validating in real-life conditions innovative technological solutions for the next generation of smart mobility services.




Softeco Sismat SrL
Via De Marini, 1 - WTC Tower
16149 Genoa

  T: +39 010 6026 -329/-1



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