Trikala is a medium sized provincial city in the middle of Greece with a population of about 76,000, which approximates 100,000 including the suburbs and the close villages. In the City there is a University, a military school and many commercial shops. The city lies close to a highly touristic area of international importance, called Meteora. Regarding mobility, the city hosts around 85,000 per day including both residents and visitors. There are in total 26 Municipal buses operating on different lines. 15 bus lines operate in the grounds of the City and its centre, and the rest 11 operate to connect with other cities or villages close to the City. The city residents use either their cars or bicycles for everyday business or in some cases they move around by foot. There are specific spots that cause congestions within the city especially in the three bridges that cross the river that passes through the city center. The City is considered to be the first digital City in Greece and quite innovative in national and European level.

GREECE-Trikala living lab objectives

One of the main objectives of the City of Trikala is to tackle congestion caused by road traffic within the city centre. Currently the city centre is a pedestrian area, but to a restricted point. The local authorities have the intention to broaden this area, reducing the use of cars and other vehicles, applying innovative ideas in the transportation field like private car sharing, renting of municipal bicycles, scheduling of demand responsive municipal buses. The aim is to change the citizen’s mobility habits towards more environmentally friendly and sustainable urban mobility, while raising their awareness about alternative mobility schemes that will support them in the decision making process. The local consortium will consist of eTrikala S.A. representing the city of Trikala and ICCS as technical integrator of the MyWay tools. Trikala is interested to evaluate in real time the performance of tools allowing service providers to promote the usage of innovative mobility sharing schemes, including municipal bus transport, municipal buses demand responsive transport, private car sharing and cycling in municipal bicycles. Emphasis will be given on specific scenarios which are:

  • Elderly people travelling on irregular times from the Elderly People Recreational Centres across the city to the city General Hospital.
  • Students travelling from several locations across the city to the University of Thessaly.

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