Germany-Berlin description

Berlin is the capital of Germany and has a metropolitan population of just under 6 million inhabitants. The modal split of transport in Berlin is 25% walking, 10% cycling, 27% public transport, 1% motorcycle/scooter and 37% car. Berlin has one of the lowest congestion rates as a European capital and offers excellent conditions as a MYWAY living lab to test the integrated platform across a large non-motorized modal split and wide range of transport modes.

Berlin living lab objectives

Berlin TransportCopyright © 2015 Fraunhofer FOKUSThe Berlin Living Lab will handle data from a range of diverse sources (such as mobility data, communication data, etc.). The living lab aims to develop and evaluate effective mechanisms for the improvement of future transport systems. Furthermore, a forecasting of particular situations (e.g. congestions caused by construction works) should be possible. The Berlin Living Lab will be used to couple different modelling tools to one overall living lab. As a result, all aspects needed for a realistic presentation of vehicle traffic, emissions, wireless communication, and the execution of mobile applications can be modelled. To enhance the current state of the art, further components will be added to VSimRTI, e.g. comprehensive data visualization and analysis tools. Consequently, a sophisticated environment will be created for the overall modelling and analysis of future intelligent transport systems.

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