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SPAIN-Barcelona/Catalonia Region.

Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia, and Spain’s second most populous city with 1.6 million inhabitants. The public transport demand in Catalonia in 2011 was over 992 million trips and this has grown by 18% during the last decade. The modal split of transport in Barcelona is 40% public transport, 27% private transport and 33% walking/cycling. The use of “bicing” soared (bicycle public system) compared to 2010, 36.15% on a weekday and 32.8% on weekends. One of the main goals of the Catalonian Government is to introduce real-time and integrated travel information including all possible modes of transport. Despite difficult economic conditions, the Catalonian government strives to implement a sustainable, cost effective, efficient and green transportation system for its inhabitants. The MYWAY Barcelona living lab will cover the entire Catalonia region and incorporate all modes of transport and specific ad-hoc information for users to improve their journeys across the city. Going Green is the MOTIT operator.

Barcelona living lab objectives

The main objective is to implement the MyWay solution not only within the city of Barcelona, but also throughout the whole Catalonian region. This will be done by providing an integrated multimodal mobility resource manager able to include a wide variety of different transportation modes.These include classical public modes  incl.metro, train, bus, tramway as well as private options; but also, more innovative modes such as public bicycles,  electrical scooters systems, bus on demand, car (and taxi) sharing, etc. taking into account several contextual parameters such as weather, traffic conditions or costs but also the traveller profile and personal preferences,. MyWay will interface with mobility on demand services in Barcelona metropolitan area (such as MOTIT) in order to complement public transport offer in a flexible way. User will be able to get real-time information on service availability, schedules and cost in order to combine different transport services to reach the final destination. Eventually, the user will be able to book an electric scooter at a public transport stop for the last-mile trip.

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