Congestion – European roads suffer from large amounts of traffic and congestion due to the extensive amount of people who travel predominantly by car, and thus prolong journey times. The modal split of transport is dominated by passenger cars accounting for 73.4% of passenger traffic compared to just 1.4% for tram and metro combined (2011).

Air quality – Motor vehicles are a major source of pollution that contaminates the air we breathe and can cause harmful health effects. According to the WHO, Some 40 million people in the 115 largest cities in the European Union are exposed to air exceeding WHO air quality guideline values for at least one pollutant.

GHG – Road transport accounts for 72% of total GHG emissions from the transport sector and transport overall is responsible for 1/4 of overall GHG emissions in Europe.

There are several journey planners that exist today, but there are a small number that include ticket information and automatic readjustments, personalised to the user and cover all modes of transport. Travelling using public transport must be easily accessible, swift and pleasurable to compete against the status quo and MyWay aims to design and test a journey planner that fills this market gap.



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